Bubble Waffle Cafe – Surrey, BC

Heard about the trial opening of this Bubble Waffle Cafe located a few doors down from Bubble World in the heart Guildford’s most asian complex.

I was a little excited to try this place  because it was packed when we entered. Luckily there was a free table that just hasn’t been cleaned so we had to wait until one of the staff cleaned it up. Looked at the menu and it seems their speciality is soup and noodles – not bubble waffles.

Completely disappointed with my visit here. 😔😞😒

Top 5 Reasons why I will not come back here:

  1. I had to wait over 25 minutes to order & get 3 bubble waffles.
  2. It seems like there is only ONE bubble waffle machine as they kept coming out ONE at a time with 5-7 minute gaps.
  3. They did not offer us water or anything. (They didn’t have the Taiwanese drinks that we wanted to order, so as a previous server, it’s almost common sense to bring out water. Especially if we’re having bubble waffles that are dry.
  4. The bubble waffles had nothing special to them, just plain, flavors aren’t extravagant like Bubble Queen. You would think their specialty is Bubble Waffle..
  5. The first two bubble waffles that came out looked fine. The third one that came out was 2 shades darker.

I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt that they opened this week and were overwhelmed with the opening. However, they were opened for at least 2 weeks – more than enough time to train their staff properly.

If I was to describe this experience with pop culture reference, it would be, “She wasn’t reaaaaaaaaaady~

“V-STAR” Rating (Variety, Service, Taste, Atmosphere, Reasonably Priced): 

4’s for everything out of 10. Reason being is stated above.

Bubble Waffle Cafe
145 101 Ave, Surrey, BC V3R 8X8

yours truly,

tb ❤


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