Sushi Garden – Burnaby 

Wow. I would definitely go here again. Diving straight into the V-STAR Rating right now!

“V-STAR” Rating: 

Variety – 10/10: absolutely amazing selection. there are a lot of different uniue sushi roll and cones that you can choose from

Service – 8/10: it was a little busy so the time it took to get someone’s attention for us to order and get stuff packed to go was a little longer than the norm.

Taste – 8/10: Everything I ordered was good. They were very generous with the sauce on the house green salad!! Beef hawaiian roll was an interesting taste.

Atmosphere – 8/10: the interior design is nice and spacious. They had cute tea cups with sushi photos and names. The staff also seemed very united so that probably increases their productivity..

Reasonably priced – 9/10: Definitely cheaper than most sushi places I’ve been to! Was really amazed at how cheap things were.. Gettin the bang for your buck indeed!!

Sushi Garden Japanese Restaurant
4635 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 4L3
Phone:(604) 436-0104

yours truly,

tb ❤




    1. Who did i eat with? My boyfriend
      What did i eat? Beef hawaiian roll and house green salad
      When? Before deer lake trail on friday april 1st
      Why? Because i just finished class and didn’t eat yet
      Where? On kingsway in burnaby 🙂

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