Come Back Mister – Top 3 Realizations

I started to watch this drama solely for Rain Bi (the popular main actor with no eye-lids). As I continued to watch the drama, I began to fall in love with the other characters.

This drama makes you feel giggly, hatred, regrets, pity, blessed, and much more feelings.. Maybe a little too much.. The feels.. Not going to lie, I almost teared up around the last two episodes..

Pretty much, these two men die tragically and left behind unfinished business. They are given another chance to finish their business and leave with no regrets. However, they don’t come back as their own self (because they’re already dead). They come back in another body and they’re not allowed to tell the people in the real world who they really are. They just find themselves entangled within each other’s business and find out that they are more than just two men who died on the same night. The only thing that sucks about this drama is you know in the end they have to die (again)… a solid 9/10 drama…

Top 3 Realization:

  1. Regrets: The two characters left the world with many regrets but they were able to come back and finish or do things so that they can leave the real world without any regrets. I always hear “Live your life with no regrets”, but it’s easier said than done. You don’t really realize it until it’s a little too late. After watching the two character’s life story unfold, it made me want to cherish my loved ones more so that I don’t say, “I should have said this more” or “I should have done this or that”.
  2. There’s more than meets the eye: The two characters were able to discover things that they didn’t know before they died. This being said, we’re all so busy living our lives in the fast lane without noticing the little things. I feel like I’m always on the go and never slowing down to stop and watch. I am observant, but probably not enough to notice the finer details that matter.
  3. Rain Bi is so funny. 


yours truly,

tb ❤


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