Cha Time – Surrey 

When Cha Time was coming to Surrey, everyone was raving about it … 

First time – I had the Mango QQ and the taste was alright but the pearls were so bland and hard. Yuck. 

Second time & Third time – I had the Roasted Milk Tea w/ Grass Jelly which became my go-to drink when it comes to Cha Time .. 


Variety – 10/10: there are so many flavours and combinations and funky flavours to choose from 👍

Service – 6.5/10: despite the popularity, the time to order and receive your order is very lengthy … 👎

Taste – 8/10: I’ve only had two flavours so far and the roasted one is my favourite. I may have gotten pearls on their bad day .. But I feel like that’s just how they do their pearls … 👍👎

Atmosphere – 7/10: small, not a lot of seats even though they are popular. They probably expected more quick in and outs instead of sit downs. But if we have to wait awhile for our drinks, it would be nice to sit down. It’s quite loud in there as well with the people chatting and the blenders going off constantly. 😕

Reasonably Priced – 7/10: can be quite pricey and adds up really fast … 🙄 

yours truly,

tb ❤ 


2 thoughts on “Cha Time – Surrey 

  1. here is a trick for you; phone in to place your order and you actually jump ahead those who actually line up. 🙂

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