Mr A’s Patio Restaurant – Langley

Right on the golf course, a beautiful restaurant (buffet) with a dance floor and a window view of the golf course.

V-STAR Rating

Variety – 8/10: The Buffet on Sunday was a Continental theme. There was a lot to choose from. Salad bar, fruit bar, dessert bar, seafood, cold pasta section, roast beef and ham, mango salmon salsa, pasta, Hawaiian rice and more.. Hoping to come back here when it’s Prime Rib Theme.. 

Service – 8/10: Our server was friendly and I overheard many tables thanking their server/waitress for their exceptional service

Taste – 9/10: Everything was good in my opinion. Hot and ready. Fresh. Frequent changeovers.

Atmosphere – 8/10: Bright in one half of the restaurant (because of the sunlight from the patio area) and dim in the other half of the restaurant. Everyone’s smiling and happy which boosted the atmosphere..

Reasonably Priced – 8/10: For 4 adults and 1 child – it cost us about $110 including drinks/alcohol.

Would recommend going here once in the summer time. Preferably Friday or Saturday for the Prime Rib Buffet Theme …

Mr A’s Patio Restaurant 
Address: 21025 48 Ave, Langley, BC V3A 3M3
Phone:(604) 533-3288

yours truly,

tb ❤



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