Cactus Club – Burnaby

Went to Cactus Club for lunch with the boss and colleague to celebrate our promotions. It was really packed when we got there but the wait time to get a table was reasonable?
V-STAR Rating:
Variety – 8/10: Your typical burgers, steaks, pastas, sandwiches, soups, and classic appetizers. Nothing too special.
Service – 9/10: Our server was friendly, quick, and always refilled our water whenever it was low. I asked her to pack up extra sauce for the quesadilla and she actually did! Usually they always forget .. (from my experience at other Cactus Clubs)
Taste – 7.75/10: Tasted whatever. Had a field of greens on the side and it was meh. A little light on the dressing and the cheese threw me off (not sure what type of cheese was in it). The Quesadilla that I had is always good in the beginning and then it gets sickening(?) I got tired of the taste really fast..
Atmosphere – 7/10: It was really loud but that’s probably because it was lunch time and all these nearby business people came for lunch. Everyone’s talking and the music was super loud … Perhaps they could have turned down the music volume just a tad so that we can hear each other talk among ourselves.
Reasonably Priced: 7/10: Typical pricing for typical food. It’s a little pricey for some items for the portion that you get in my opinion.
This place is always a go-to place though when it comes to parties, gatherings, lunch meetings etc.
Cactus Club – Burnaby 
Address: 7320 Market Crossing, Burnaby, BC V5J 3J4
yours truly,
tb  ❤

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