Sushi California – Surrey

Newly opened in Surrey – so new that you can’t find the phone number online or the address online! This venue is 1-2 stores beside the new korean bbq/restaurant on the same street as ICBC Claim Centre in Guildford.
V-STAR Rating:
Variety – 9/10: a lot of variety and different sushi combos; they even have fresh oysters on the menu! (not that I like them)
Service – 8.5/10: Turnover time is quick, everything is quick. They clean quick, cook quick, etc. Speed is their specialty unless my company distracted me from noticing how long it took to get our food …
Taste – 8/10: I got the chicken cutlet roll, gyozas, and green salad. They’re very generous with the sauce for the green salad. I didn’t really like the chicken cutlet roll. Gyozas were good and I liked the gyoza sauce (most important component).
Atmosphere – 7.75/10: It’s a little dim and it’s quite loud. There’s big benched tables.
Reasonably Priced: 9/10: Very cheap for good quality food!!!!!
yours truly,
tb  ❤

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