Another Oh Hae Young -Another One!

Imagine going to the same high school as someone who has the exact same name as you – First and Last. Imagine if you were the “regular” one and the other one was the “pretty” one… sounds a bit confusing.  Or maybe if the pretty one was out causing trouble, but the others thought you were the one causing trouble – which usually results in some pretty unfair mishaps…

Inline image 1

Top 3 Reasons to Watch “Another Oh Hae Young”

  1. Eric (Moon Jung-Hyuk) is absolutely with the Main Oh Hae Young. He is so pitiful because of the pretty Oh Hae Young. It makes you just want to squish him.
  2. Main Oh Hae Young’s parents are adorable. They care about their daughter so much, but they don’t verbally say it. There are so many hidden actions that demonstrate their love for their daughter.
  3. There are so many plot twists. Eric is able to semi see the future and he tries to prevent some stuff from happening, but it consistently takes place. Every character has a role in the drama. They’re not randomly placed there to fill scenes. Plot twists happen between supporting characters and it’s just so dramatic.

Rating: 8/10

yours truly,

tb ❤


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