Boom Beer – Surrey

Mmhm, after discovering this little Korean joint in the heart of Guildford, I constantly came back with the usuals or other friends. I think it used to be popular, but now it seems more quiet… It used to be the same ahjumma who would serve us, but now they hired a new younger girl? Maybe because it got busier and they finally decided to hire additional help..

“V-STAR” Rating:
Variety – 7/10: I think there’s only about 10 dishes or less..  I only ever order two dishes every time I go there though. The Cheese Booldak and the Half & Half Full order of chicken (half marinated half deep fried chicken). The best!
Service – 7.5/10: Sometimes its a little slow because there is only ONE person in the front to serve all the tables… They’re usually nice and quick if it’s just a few tables. The ahjumma is really friendly. The new girl is alright..
Taste –  8/10: Even though it’s a bit spicy for me, I can’t stop eating it! Love the marinated chicken even though most people don’t like the taste..
Atmosphere – 9/10: It’s always a great time if you go with your friends. It’s a nice and cozy place. Kpop music playing in the background.
Reasonably Priced – 7.5/10: Personally, I don’t think you get the bang for the buck anymore. They cheap’d out on the cheese and the rice cakes and the chicken for the Cheese Booldak dish. They used to give you a lot and it was $16!!!! Now they give you almost half the size for the same price … =\
Boom Beer Chicken
Address: Guildford Town Centre, 15155 101 Ave #101, Surrey, BC V3R 7V4
yours truly,
tb ❤

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