Lynn Canyon – North Van.

It was more confusing than we thought. Before you get onto the suspension bridge, there’s a pathway on your left that leads you to the Baden Powell Trail which takes 1 – 1.5 hours (no thanks). Then after you pass the suspension bridge, you can either turn left or right. Going right will take you to the Twin Falls / Bridge and going left will take you to the 30 foot pool area /trail.

The last time I was here, there wasn’t man-made pathways. Now, there is a lot of man-made pathways which makes it very friendly for everyone. There’s a lot of dogs and they’re supposed to be on a leash most of the time. I think the only exception is when they play in the water by the river. However, others would say otherwise. We saw two men get into a verbal argument about the dog being on the leash. The dog owner said, “how is my dog supposed to swim with a leash on” and the other guy took photos of the dog without the leash / swimming in the pool. Some people just need to chill out and lighten up about some things. #smh

Even though it was a hot day, we were covered by the trees so there was a lot of shade – which was nice.

Highly recommended for lazy people. The other trails that we didn’t go to are probably for the advanced hikers / not-so-lazy people… πŸ™‚

yours truly,

tb ❀


#604 #bc #hiking #trails #explorebc #vancouver


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