Midam Cafe – Burnaby

You wouldn’t see this place if you actually knew about it. When I came here a few years ago, it was the worst place. We came here as an after party for a networking event with all the planners and what not. We were all asked to pitch in $20 and all I got was a piece of chicken……… Ridiculously overpriced and whoever was planning/ordering off the menu, did not do a very good job.

Came back here recently and it was x100 better than the last visit. They renovated so now it has a lot of basketball gear / jerseys, shoes, etc. They even have a basketball hoop as decor. Whoever is the new owner did a very good job. They got a cool dessert selection. The soup is pretty good.

“V-STAR” Rating:
Variety – 7/10: all I remember is a few korean dishes and dessert..
Service – 7/10: a little slow to come to you.
Taste –  9/10: everything i’ve had there tasted delicious
Atmosphere – 9/10: good music good food – can’t go wrong.
Reasonably Priced – 7.5/10: a little pricey for some things but i think it is worth it .. sometimes  

Midam Cafe

4501 North Rd, Burnaby, BC V3N 4R7
Phone: (604) 568-5357

yours truly,

tb ❤




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