Gyu Kaku – Broadway

I love walking into restaurants and having people shout things that I don’t understand. No sarcasm! Every time the hostess seats a customer/group, she will say something in Japanese and the rest of the staff says something in return. It’s like a welcome greeting!
“V-STAR” Rating:
Variety – 10/10: There are so many things you can choose from. . . it was semi-hard to pick. They even have set combos/menu if you don’t want to go through the whole menu and pick out certain items.
Service – 9/10: Our server was really nice and quick. No complaints!
Taste –  8/10: Everything tasted good except for my gyoza.. was not really a fan of them.
Atmosphere – 9/10: It’s a lively atmosphere because of their whole greeting thing.
Reasonably Priced – 9/10: They have happy hour from when they open until six and then they have late happy hour after 9!! Then at 2PM they have SUPER happy hour for certain stuff! So good so cheap
Definitely would go here again when I’m not feeling so sick-ish.
Gyu Kaku
950 West Broadway Street #201
(604) 558-3898
yours truly,
tb ❤



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