Pho Triple 8 – Surrey

I usually hit up Pho Tam when I went to school, Pho Tau Bay with the parents, Pho 99 with friends/parents. Occasionally I would go to All About Pho with my family to support our family friend. For the first time ever, the boyfriend  and I tried a different Pho Restaurant.
“V-STAR” Rating:
Variety – 9/10: A lot of typical choices for a Vietnamese Pho Restaurant.
Service – 6.5/10: Took so long just to get a box for take out or just to order. Been sitting there with the menu closed (a common sign that we are ready to order). There were 3 workers in the front. And it was not like it was busy .. hmm?
Taste –  8/10: Boyfriend said his pho tasted better than Pho 99.. I thought they salad rolls were pretty alright. Better than some places. The Spring Rolls are bigger than Pho Tam. Overall, the quality of the food is good.
Atmosphere –  7/10: Not much. Not loud music. Not quiet as a mouse. Not much to say. Wasn’t pleasing to the eyes but it wasn’t disgusting. Neutral.
Reasonably Priced – 8/10: Your average prices for vietnamese pho restaurant. . .
Personally wouldn’t go here again, but who knows.
Pho Triple 8
Address: 15138 100 Ave, Surrey, BC V3R 9P4


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