17° Dessert Cafe – Vancouver

I been seeing this place all over instagram… If there’s a lot of hype, I had to try it out for myself.. Since Beard Papa’s on Robson was a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR disappointment (not even going to bother writing about it but you can read all about it on tripadvisor), I had to go here before leaving Vancouver to make up for it..

“V-STAR” Rating: 

VARIETY: 7/10 – You get drinks. Shaved ice in a fruit or Fruity Ice Pots. I think there were a few other selections like waffles .. but yeah just you basic dessert items.

SERVICE :  8/10 – The staff is nice… Left us alone and didn’t bother us.. Dessert and drinks came fast since we were the first and only customers …… LOL She clearly saw we were done our food but she still went to the back to chitchat so we were standing at the cashier for awhile .. until I said, “excuse me” but I don’t think she still heard me.. lol.

TASTE: 7.5/10 – Let’s start with the bad. We ordered 2 roasted oolong milk tea with pearls. The pearls were disgusting.. They were so hard and bland to the max. The Roasted oolong milk tea was bland as well. It did not taste roasted at all… If you were to compare this drink with the one at Cha Time, then Cha Time beats it by 10x.. Actually, I don’t think it’s even comparable because it was that bad. lol. HOWEVER……… Their mango ice pot was really goood!! It was cool how they added the icey smoke thing under the pot of shaved ice and some mangos. They added condensed milk and mangos on the side and ice cream. You get quite a bit for 10 bucks! I would say you get your ‘bang for the buck’ when you buy the ice pots.

ATMOSPHERE: 8/10 – Cute decorations throughout the cafe. We came right when it opened without knowing it opens at 4PM.. So it was a little quiet. Just us. Their music system is magnificent lolol. The bass is really good… Music just sounds better on that system..

REASONABLY PRICE: 8/10 – I personally think it is reasonably priced. Drinks are under $5 and the ice pots are 10-11$ but you get a lot of out it and it’s definitely something you need to share so that makes it “$5 each” !

I would not go here again anytime soon. I would probably go again in the summertime or when watermelon / strawberries are in reason.


17 degrees dessert cafe is located 2229 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5N 5A1 

Phone: (778) 379-9055

yours truly,

tb ❤


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