Top 5 things I liked about The K2

  1. Ji Chang Wook made the drama. He’s like this super bodyguard that is invincible. His hits and shots are perfection. His body is perfection. His face is so youthful .. His character about getting revenge is what made K2. Then they started the romance thing with Yoona and it kind of killed the story………
  2. The female bodyguard’s (Lee Yea-Eun) seductive antics. When she tries to seduce K2 via the surveillance cameras (because he’s supposed to be watching them in case of any suspicious activity around/outside the house). But instead, K2’s colleague was the one that was watching it.
  3.  The evil plans and evil doings of Song Yoon-A. At first I hated her character because she was so evil but then later on you appreciate her evilness.  And that she’s actually soft. She’s super clever and always calm and has something up her sleeve…
  4.  The cute oldies (Master Song & The Nurse) chasing her and her rejecting and then accepting etc.  They’re so funny to watch and it’s cute how jealous Master Song gets.
  5. Last but not least, the epic war battle scenes between the two groups JSS and Park Gwan Soo’s men. They’re constantly fighting with each other and it’s like how many men are being killed off and how many survive?!?! Are they always recruiting??!!?

First half of the drama is really good and then the last 5 episodes or so starts to get boring. I would still recommend this drama to people who enjoy the action, political corruption and a bit of comedy/romance here and there.

Rating: 8/10

yours truly,

tb ❤


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