Memphis Blues – Langley

When i heard about Memphis Blues, I thought it was some fancy steakhouse. I didn’t bother doing any research, so I showed up wearing like a skirt and nice top….. OVER DRESSED to the extreme!~


Variety – 8/10: There’s a lot of things you can order. A variety of meats. Seafood. Anything you can BBQ, they probably have it!!

Service – 8/10: Well, there’s not much to service. You come in, you order at the counter, then you sit back down and wait until your food arrives at your table .. It’s a small place so they know exactly where you’re sitting. They can see all the tables from the kitchen/counter area.

Taste – 9/10: So so so so so goooooood!!!!! The shrimp appetizer in some greasy looking sauce is so good but its so oily. The meat is so tender and the sauce is delicious. It can get a little flavorful or the taste gets tiring so pop or something to drink to wash it down would be a good idea..

Atmosphere – n/a : order. sit. wait. eat. there’s not much of an atmosphere here.

Reasonably Priced – 7.5/10: It can get a little pricy I think but they have special combos that you can do which i think are really good deals .. .

Would definitely be coming back here again soon!

Memphis Blues 

yours truly,

tb ❤


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