Little White House & Co. – Fort Langley

Trying to be classy on a budget. There’s a cute little cafe all the way in Fort Langley. Was it worth the drive? I guess for a one time experience. I wouldn’t come here again though. Just too far… and too cramped for my style.


Variety: 7/10 – Theres biscuit, croissants, some bread loaf looking thing, quiche, almonds, jam, sugar cookies, macaroons, cupcakes. Basic tea and finger food style. There’s probably more on the menu for not tea stuff, but meh…..

Service: 7/10 – You walk to the counter to say you made resos, then they will figure out where they placed you. You’re seated and they will ask if you have allergies and which menu you’re doing and then they will give you the tea and tier after. They don’t bother you after that. You just do your thang. Once in a blue moon they will come to check up on you if you need to refill your water, etc.

Taste: 7.5/10 – Everything was a bit bland but I think that’s how it’s supposed to be when you’re drinking tea and just chit chatting .. Of the 3 tiers, I liked the pickles, the meat biscuit, the tomatoes and cucumbers on the chopped muffin lookin’ thing. Cupcake was good. tea was good with cream and sugar..

Atmosphere: 8/10 – When you first walk in, it’s a store that has random merchandise/apparel hung/placed all over the rooms. There’s beds in both the rooms and there’s no distinct looking cashier unless someone is actually standing behind this display case. After going through the house, you will eventually reach the cafe.It’s really small and cramped. But also super cute at the same time .. The second room of the cafe it very barn like (because of the walls), but regardless, the decor and tables were cute so it cancelled out the ugly wall factor.

Reasonably Priced: 9/10 – Considerably cheap compared to other locations downtown vancouver. Maybe because this was a really small cafe in a small white house with cramped spacing..

Little White House & Co

Address: 9090 Glover Rd, Langley, BC V1M 3S3


yours truly,

tb ❤


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