Milk & Eggs

I thought this was a dessert cafe. Milk and Eggs. What would you think? I honestly thought it was going to be a waffle dessert cafe or something that involves milk and eggs.. Little did we know, it was a place where you can eat STEAK, BBQ RIBS, SEAFOOD MUSSELS, and other entrées…


Variety : 7/10 – As mentioned above, you can eat dinner at this place (apparently..) or there are some different dishes for dessert.

Service : 8/10 – Waitress was really nice. She was patient when we didn’t know what ice cream to get. There’s not much to do except take our order and bring our orders to us. Considering we were one of the two only tables there ..

Taste : 6/10 – It didn’t even taste good. A couple of the ice cream flavors didn’t taste like what we would have expected (Thai Iced Tea or the French Earl Grey). The only think i really liked was my drink, the Thai Iced Tea.

Atmosphere : 7/10 – it’s dim, quiet, cute small restaurant. nothing else to say about it.

Reasonably Priced : 4/10 – $20 for a bowl of 4 scoops of ice cream, 1 chocolate chip cookie broken into 4 pieces, 1 oreo cookie broken into 2 pieces, a small scoop of fruit loops, a small scoop of frosted flakes, 2 roasted marshmallows on a stick, 2 pretzel sticks, and a bit of drizzle. I don’t think that is worth $20 at all.

Definitely was tricked by instagram thinking it was a cool dessert place. Would not come here again. In the end, 3/4 of us went to Bubble Queen for bubble tea….

yours truly,

tb ❤


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