Chambar – Vancouver

Had a spa date downtown so we decided to go out for brunch prior. K chose this place because it looked nice and had good reviews (online). Made resos (luckily) and there were a lot of people waiting around even though there seemed to be a lot of empty tables farther in. We think we have kid-ish taste buds because this was all too much ..

“VSTAR” Rating:

Variety – 6/10: For brunch, you can only choose about 11 things but at least 2 of them are like steaks or burgers .. not something i’d like to eat for breakfast/lunch. A lot seemed too much but others seem to enjoy it.

Service – 7/10:  The girl who sat us down was not happy at all. She was not very friendly and very meh and that pretty much set the mood for the brunch. Not impressed. The guy was nice but after he started to treat us like we weren’t a valued customer. My friend asked for ketchup and he rudely said we don’t have ketchup and walked away. Didn’t offer alternatives. Didn’t say why or crack a joke… And when we all paid and walked by him again, he didn’t even say thank you for coming. Usually your server would greet you goodbye and thank you as you walk out etc. After we passed him, a waitress passed us and said  thank you for coming! She didn’t even serve us but she was happily greeting us and provided the standard customer service that was expected. smh. (shake my head).

Taste – 6.5/10: Everything was very herby. The Omlettes were good to start and after it just got very boring / very herby. The taste was just not pleasing. The Tarjine was really good the first few bites, and after you just get sick of it. My friend had that dish and she barely dented it. My other friend got the Brochette de Porc which seemed like the best choice of the 3. She finished it all but she said it was okay. I got Macchiato thinking it was like a DRINK .. with foam .. and stuff… but it turned out to be like an espresso shot. It was disgusting – I’m not much of a coffee person.

Atmosphere – 7/10: The whole wooden interior was nice. The lights were nice. It was very ‘hipster’ looking.

Reasonably Priced – 7/10: Everything was very expensive. If you don’t want to eat basic omlettes for $15 then you are look at paying $17+

Address: 568 Beatty St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2L3
Phone: (604) 879-7119

Overall, I would not come here again.

yours truly,

tb ❤


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