Country Meadows (The Grille) – Richmond

Restaurants in golf courses are underestimated! I’ve been to 4-5 restaurants at different golf courses and all of them were satisfying!

“V-STAR” Rating: 

Variety: 7/10 – There was some cheese, ham, crackers. 2  types of salads. Some fruits. Some pasta. Some potato dish and turkey or ham. There was also some fish.

Service: 7/10 – She sat us. They left us alone for awhile which may be good or bad depending on how you look at it. I wanted a refill on my pop but she was no where to be seen!

Taste: 8/10 – I usually don’t eat fish but whatever they had there was good. The meat was good. Pasta was good. Everything else was mediocre. Nothing tasted terrible though.

Atmosphere: 8/10 – Interior is really nice. They had a pianist come play for an hour which was really nice. It seemed like a lot of people were coming here and enjoying the place.

Reasonably Priced: 7.5/10 – It was $30 for the Christmas Buffet. There’s really only one real “meat” entree. Everything else is basic and simple. Not sure it it is worth the dollars.

Most likely would not come here again only because it’s too far from where I live and there are many other golf courses around me.

yours truly,

tb ❤


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