Edith & Arthur – Surrey

Breakfast that goes on until 3 PM and it only costs $4-$7!!

“V-STAR” Rating:

Variety: 7/10 – Good enough for breakfast. There’s benedict, omlettes, your basic: ham, toast, eggs combo

Service: 7/10 – one girl served 1/3 of the pub. There were probably 3 servers working and the place was completely packed. So getting menu’s, drinks, order taken, bills all took a very long time because she was swamped.

Taste: 8.5/10 – Tatter Tots were pretty good considering I don’t really like them in general.. The omelette was good except the Black Forest Ham & Mushrooms started to get boring so I had to drench each bite with ketchup. Everyone else finished their plates just fine.

Atmosphere: 8.5/10 – Relaxing/Chilling atmosphere. Seat yourself then they come to you. Some tables are high and they provide hooks on the side of the table so you can hang your jackets since you can’t hang them on your chair (stool in this case

Reasonably Priced: 9/10 – very cheap compared to many places. only $4-7 instead of the usual double digits at a lot of places downtown.

Overall, i would definitely come here again even if it was slow service but probably because a server called in sick or something …..

yours truly,

tb ❀


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