Kamei Baru – Downtown Vancouver

Second time here but I don’t think I made a blog post about this the first time … Since it’s a downtown venue, you can expect it to be a little pricey <($$_$$)>


Variety – 8/10 – There’s a lot of things you can have. Deep fried. Steamed. Raw. Stir Fry. Salads. Rice. Etc. You name it. They’re like Ebisu if you’ve been there.. Modern asian fusion type of restaurant..?

Service – 8/10 – They’re quick and apologetic. They try to provide good customer service. Their “bartender” needs to learn how to make drinks. Are they even certified to be there? Basic shots that needed to be GOOGLED is a big no no…………………….

Taste – 7/10 – A friend got oysters there even though it was during the virus season and they ended up puking all night and got the norovirus…. Hmmm… Their gyoza was pretty soggy but whatever. Their calamari and fries were good. Most things were edible and no complaints minus the things I mentioned previously.

Atmosphere – 9/10  – it can get pretty bumping here. It’s nice that they give the upstairs to large parties so it can be a little more private and you and your guests can be a little loud and obnoxious without disturbing other guests. haaaaaaa.

Reasonably Priced – 7/10 – Some things are decently priced. Others are pretty expensive. They’re able to do that because they’re located downtown. You can get 8 colorful shots (most likely very watered down with barely any alcohol) for $18! A friend of mine got a shot that purely syrup and absolutely no liquor… They got it replaced by the waiter but that shouldn’t have even happened in the first place…

Overall, I would not come here again. I only come here because of birthdays and it is one of the places that accept very large parties like us…

yours truly,

tb ❤


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