Nomé Izakaya – Toronto

Bumping place to eat at. Atmosphere is lively. Music is good. Staff is friendly.

“V-STAR” – Rating: 

Variety – 9/10 – A lot of things to choose from. Tapas. Full Entrees. What’s nice about this place is that you can order a lot of dishes to share so that you are able to try more than just one dish..

Service – 9/10 – quick. friendly. nothing to complain about.

Taste – 9.5/10 – everything was sooooooooooo goood!! again, i don’t like raw food but i had the sashmi salad … and wow. It was delicious. Probably because the sauce covered that raw texture/taste/feeling.

Atmosphere – 9/10 – lively. bumping music. not too bright so your flaws aren’t exposed.

Reasonably Priced – $$$ – there are 4 of us and we ordered a lot of dishes including oysters. drinks were cheap too and we got a jug. Only paid $20 per person!!

Would highly recommend and definitely come here again.

yours truly,

tb ❤


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