Pho Sunrise – South Surrey

I don’t think there are many Pho/Vietnamese restaurants in this area. I saw a certificate on the wall claiming that they were voted Best Pho Restaurant in the Peace Arch Newspaper  and I’d very much agree.

“V-STAR” Rating:

Variety – 9/10 – There are so many choices and not just your typical Pho or Rice Vermicelli noodle. You can get fried noodles or other dishes like: see menu

Service – 9/10 – Friendly staff. Helpful and quick to clean and take your order. They make some pretty good bubble tea.

Taste – 9/10 – Food is NOT bland. Tastes perfectly fine. I really enjoy the pickled carrots. This place is one of the few places that has the shrimp on sugarcane dish!! It was so good!

Atmosphere – n/a  

Reasonably Priced – $$ – You get the bang for your buck at this place. The portion is huge!! Everything is reasonably priced and for some items, I feel like you get more.

Overall, I would definitely come here again!

yours truly,

tb ❤


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