Guu Garden – Vancouver

Went here for a buddy’s birthday and was pretty excited. I enjoy these type of restaurants where they welcome you beyond the average.

“V-STAR” Rating:

Variety – 8/10 –
There’s a lot of different tapas that you can get. fried. seared. raw. cooked. soups. noodles. Majority of the options are more appetizers in my opinion – or sharing dishes.

Service – 7/10 – It was really busy, but even so, maybe they should hire more staff for the weekends… The service was slow but the staff was friendly… so .. I guess it somewhat balances?

Taste – 8.5/10 –  everything was really tasty & flavorful – even the semi-raw stuff was good (even though I don’t like raw…)

Atmosphere – 7/10 – it’s loud so everyone kind of speaks over each other. The area we were sitting at is a little cramped because we were a large party with tables lined up. the staff is always shouting things because that’s the style of their restaurant.

Reasonably Priced – 6/10 – definitely not worth your bang for the buck. the portions are PUNY. They need to reconsider what a “large” is because the portions they are giving that is considered a large is like a small… insane.

Overall, I wouldn’t come here again unless I have to (for large birthday gatherings).


Address: 888 Nelson St M101, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2H2

yours truly,

tb ❤


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