Blue Bella (Korean Cuisine Bistro) – Vancouver

To be honest, we only decided to go here because SURA KBBQ was way too packed. Don’t get me wrong though – no regrets coming here!! (not to mention a cute kpop idol looking server).

“V-STAR” Rating:
Variety – 9/10 – There are a lot of different Korean dishes that you can order here. Usually, we are only able to order just chicken dishes if it’s one of those chicken and beer places. However, this place had soups, noodles, bbq, rice dishes and more ON TOP of having those chicken dishes.

Service – 8/10 – They cleared our table/plates as soon as they could. They came quick.

Taste – 8/10 –Β The soup/stew was good but way too spicy for me even though I asked for little spice.. 😦 Sad life. The fried chicken with the green onions was really good. The sauce that came with that dish was super duper good. I want to know what they use for that. The saucy fried chicken with cheese and rice cakes was meh. I prefer the ones in Surrey.

Atmosphere – n/a

Reasonably Priced – 7/10 – Some things were reasonably priced while others are quite expensive.

Overall, I would come here again ONLY if I am in the area. Otherwise I would not go out of my way to come here (because it’s quite far for me).

Address: 1500 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2C4

yours truly,

tb ❀


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