Audrey Moment Afternoon Tea – Burnaby

Super cute cafe. Looks so small and lame outside, but when you walk inside, it’s one of the cutest little cafes I’ve ever been to! (well, to be honest, I’ve only been to TWO high tea places including this one).


“V-STAR” Rating:

Variety – 7/10 – different finger food but it’s a set menu so it’s not like you’re choosing i think..

Service – 9/10 – they were constantly refilling our tea with hot water so that was nice.

Taste – 8/10 – the bottom tier was my favourite. Everything else was eh .. Top tier was my least favourite.. too sour/tarty

Atmosphere – n/a 

Reasonably Priced – 6.5/10 – a little overpriced in my opinion but I guess it’s for the “experience”.

Overall, I would not come here again because I would rather try other cafes.

yours truly,

tb ❤

Address6540 Burlington Ave, Burnaby, BC V5H 4G3



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