Anh + Chi – Vancouver

I’ve always wanted to try this place because of all the posts I’ve seen on Instagram.

V-STAR Rating:

Variety – 9/10 – This is not your typical Pho Restaurant. There’s more than justย pho/rice dishes/noodle dishes. They have the Vietnamese Crepe dish, sandwiches, and much more. They even serve liquor here / bar style.

Service – 7.75/10 – It got really packed 15-20 minutes after we were seated. We got there just before noon and there were quite a few tables filled already! I must admit, the service was really slow. It was hard to get a hold of people. They are friendly people though.

Taste – 9/10 – We ordered: Bun Bo Hue, Banh Xeo, Pho Bo, and Banh Mi. Everything was really good. The Pho was rich in flavor – but not too much that you’d get sick of it? The Bun Bo Hue was perfect to my taste buds. It wasn’t overpowering in flavor and it wasn’t too spicy for me – which is perfect!! The Banh Xeo was very crispy – the way my sister likes it. The Banh Mi was fine – you can’t really mess this one up.

Atmosphere – 9/10 – the interior is really nice – very hipster.

Reasonably Priced – 7/10 – The most expensive thing is the Banh Xeo. A lot of people say this place is pretty expensive, but I think a lot of it comes from paying for the atmosphere, the different style, the setting etc. and the presentation of the food.

Overall, I probably wouldn’t come here again. I would recommend for a first-time visit though.

yours truly,

tb โค


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