Empire Seafood Restaurant – Richmond

Since we were hanging out in Richmond for the early afternoon, DIM SUM was the appropriate lunch cuisine! I’ve never been here, but I think it is one of my favourite places now….


V-STAR Rating:

Variety – 9/10 – It’s DIM SUM. There’s always a variety of food choices and lunch menu items

Service – 9/10 – Maybe it’s because my friend was speaking in Cantonese, but the service was good?

Taste – 10/10 – Everything was delicious or I was really hungry. The ha (g/c)ao wasn’t soggy like some places. My taste buds were dancing in a good way.

Atmosphere – n/a – However, it started to snow and it was so beautiful to watch it fall while we were on the upper level…

Reasonably Priced – 8/10 – I don’t think it was cheap but it was not expensive either. Just about right for Dim Sum here anyways….

Overall, I would definitely come here again!!

yours truly,

tb ❤


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