1886 (#DOVF) – Vancouver

Located at the new PARQ place, a high-end Chinese restaurant. Since our group didn’t want to eat anything except Asian, we ended up choosing to this place because 1) it was new 2) it was affordable due to dine-out menu 3) it was Asian. Definitely a once in a ‘lifetime’ kind of visit for youngins’ like us. *rolls eyes*

V-STAR Rating:Β 

Variety – 9/10 – They have Dim Sum, typical Chinese dishes, soups, meat dishes, vegetarian options, seafood, etc. Anything you can think of in the Chinese cuisine.

Service – 7/10 – The service was phenomenal. He was friendly – tried to make conversations with us. Tried to educate us with the history and the name of the restaurant and what not. HOWEVER, we were NOT impressed that we were getting charged for water. It would have been fine if we were NOTIFIED that we were getting charged for water. They kept refilling out cup instantly even though it wasn’t even half empty yet. Because of that, they opened 3 bottles themselves which we had to pay for (without knowing). Not impressed – seems like a violation but we didn’t want to make a fuss about it at the restaurant.

Taste – 7/10 – My favourite was the Peking Duck Salad (which seemed like it was just some lettuce you can grab at Walmart in a bag) but the dressing was delicious. Then they slapped on 3-4 pieces of Peking duck. My second favourite dish was the dessert. Fruits in a watery yoghurt base with ice cream half melting … LOL. The main course was disappointing. The THREE CUP CHICKEN CLAY POT was so mediocre. Quite bland and dry. First bite was good(ish) and then the rest were meh. The sweet and sour pork (it had a slightly different name) was VERY basic… Nothing special or different about it but the original price was probably overpriced. The SZECHUAN CHILI PRAWNS looked pretty lame. Overall everything was basic and we had higher expectations for the MAIN COURSE.

Atmosphere – 9/10 – very boujee, very classy, and everyone is well-trained for providing excellent customer service etc.

Overall, I would not come here again.

yours truly,

tb ❀


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