Hibachi Teppanyaki Bar & Grill – Toronto

We were actually supposed to go to a restaurant in Hamilton but it was closed. Maybe everything happens for a reason because I really enjoyed this place.


V-STAR Rating:
Varity – 9/10 – a lot of choices here. There are items on the a la carte menu like sushi and appetizers. There are a lot of choices for your meat and the style of your rice/noodles as well.
Service – 8/10 – would’ve been a higher score because of the entertainment that came with the dinner (our chef was funny and fun), but then our server failed to inform me that they ran out of “the things to make my sushi” so I had to ask where’s my sushi after we were almost done our main. Shake my head.
Taste – 9/10 – Omgosh, it was delicious. The sauce that came with it was soooooooo good! I want to know what it was but the server spoke too quiet/too fast/too much accent. At first, I thought the sauces were going to be gross just because it looked like runny peanut butter… LOL
Atmosphere – 9/10 – super fun! Super hot and entertaining! Note to self: learn how to catch things with my mouth so the next time the chef throws a zucchini at me, I can catch it.
Reasonably Priced – 9/10 – for the experience and the amount of food we got, I would say we got the bang for the buck!!!! Definitely worth it.
Overall, I would come here again!! A must try!!!!!!

Hibachi Oakville 
Yours truly,
tb ❤


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