Top 5 Highlights of Mexico 2016

Mexico – Riviera Maya was the first trip I’ve ever been on with friends – make that 14 friends + myself = 15 amigos in the land of tequila, salsa, tacos, and high UV sunshine.

The staff was super friendly. At anytime of the day – morning, afternoon, evening, night, they are all very cheery which is a good thing because happy vibes are contagious. We tried to plan the week so it’s never a dull moment, but eventually everyone was just too tired to do anything the last night.


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  1. Ek Balam + a nearby Cenote
    1. After our 10am meeting with AirTransat, we decided to go to the Ek Balam ruins instead of the other two (Chichen itza and Tulum) because of distance and because we were allowed to ‘climb’ these ruins. It was the most nauseating car ride I have ever been in. I am almost certain everyone was car sick going from the ruins to the cenoté. I felt so sick, I thought I was going to vomit. The fresh air and the blessing ceremony made me feel a little bit better.
    2. The rappelling activity to go into the cenoté was pretty cool. (Un)Fortunately it started to rain like crazy.. It was nice because it was so humid, but it was lame because even though we were about to get wet, it wasn’t pleasant to rappel down with rain droplets hitting you hard in the face. It was a little dim in the cave but it was bearable. There was a short zip-line area and you just fall into the water wherever you’d like before the safety end line. It was quite an exhilarating feeling..
  2. Playa del Carmen
    1. Because most of us are students and we are poor, we decided to opt for the FREE shopping tour option. The catch is, you have to spend some time at this Tequila Factory / Jewelry place. However, we were unaware that you had to spend an HOUR at the jewelry place and AN HOUR at the tequila factory… It wasn’t even a tequila factory in my opinion.. This whole “free shopping tour” ruined everyone’s mood and eventually we cabbed to the Playa del Carmen shopping area. It’s better to pay in PESOS for cab rides!!!!!!!!! It is better to pay in pesos for a lot of things! Be aware! Some of these vendors/drivers will jip you via “exchange rate”
    2. Don’t go into the first souvenir shop you see!!! There are a lot more shops. It’s either less selection of gifts + semi-cheaper or a big selection of gifts but a bit more expensive
    3. Mcds plays bumping music
    4. When you eat at restaurants on the strip (at least the one we ate at anyways), they try to up-sell you. Example, no water – do you want pop, juice, other beverages. Another example: *makes you guys wear somberos and takes a picture for their facebook page* – comes back with a small bottle of tequila with your guys’ photo on it at a price.. LOL @_@
    5. The more you linger, the better deals that come out. There are deals for the fish feet massage but you just have to browse!! You can also bargin at the souvenir shops! Just walk away after they reject your offer…
  3. Under the bridge + Disco Teca
    1. We had about 5 pool/beach days where we would just collect a bunch of drinks at the bar and then make our way to our claimed spot – under the bridge. There was shade under there which kept us from heat exhaustion but I’m pretty sure I still had heat exhaustion
    2. Disco Teca definitely needs more people .. Maybe because it’s more of a family oriented resort, it was practically empty every time unless we are there…
  4. Walk in, eat, walk out
    1. The best feeling is having food ready when you walk through the doors and just getting up and leaving without having to do the dishes … mucho bueno!
  5. Relaxation with friends
    1. Became closer to some, got to know more sides of others… It was nice to create some memories in a foreign country with the amigos.

I was too lazy to make my own Mexico Video Log/Collage so here’s a few links to some videos my amigos made!

2m 45s: (Johnson’s video)

5m 52s: (Avary’s video)

8m 20s: (Dustin’s video)

Until next time!

yours truly,

tb ❤