Lynn Canyon Trail – North Van., BC


Didn’t exactly do the trail as we just came from doing probably 80%-85% of Mount Seymour. Played around the waterfall area and attempted to walk on the rocks – which I highly do not recommend… In my opinion, this area/trail seems to be:

Crowded – Moderate

Scenery – Moderate

Difficulty – Easy

I definitely plan to come back here this summer and actually do the trail!

Yours truly,

tb ❤




Deep Cove Trail – North Van., BC

Weather wasn’t the greatest but it wasn’t burning hot either. It was pretty much good hiking weather. This trail is fairly easy and quick to do. Having a nice picnic on top while admiring the view is highly suggested.

Crowded – moderate – lots of dogs with their owners coming down as we went up

View – moderate – elevation is high enough to get a nice view but it isn’t significant

Difficulty – easy – casual stroll; anyone could do this

I’m definitely coming back here when it is sunnier and to take better pictures on my new phone. 🙂

Yours truly,


Sasamat Trail in Coquitlam, BC

A hidden gem. Accidentally did a trail because we weren’t allowed to have pets on the beach! It is a quick trail with a beautiful walk way across the lake! Definitely recommend if you just want to go for a casual stroll… ❤

Crowded – low

View – refreshing

Difficulty – easy – casual stroll; anyone could do this

Definitely doing it again in the very near future …

yours truly,