Personal branding for myself. I kind of like the color purple. T for Tina. The shape of the heart is supposed to also give you the illusion of the letter “b” (hence the awkward angle of the heart) for my last name.
takes2tospoon x yourstrulytb
A family friend reached out to me to create a profile logo/photo for his and his fiancé’s Food Instagram (@takes2tospoon). They love to eat and so they wanted chibi people to represent them and spoons because of their username. They also wanted mountains in the background because what better way to represent BC?
K1 - Slant 3-01-01

A buddy reached out to me a couple times to start a logo for his Food Meal Prep company. We finally got the chance to finalize what he started. The forks and knives are around the plate to resemble the whole meal plan. The style of the font was chosen to give it a tough feel because it is for dedicated, gym enthusiasts. Check out @mealsbyk1 for your meal prep needs.


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