ARC (#DOVF) – Vancouver

We decided to go here for DINE OUT because it was close to the hotel and I didn’t want to walk very far… 🙂

V-STAR Rating:

Variety: n/a – We did dine-out so we were not looking at the main menu.

Service: 9/10 – Our waitress was nice, but when it was dessert time, she let someone else cover for her and they gave us the wrong dessert apparently (because she came by after and said my plate was supposed to say Happy Birthday but the other girl gave it to someone else).

Taste: 7.5/10 – the tuna tartare was okay. I wish there were other things to accompany it with. The taste was a lil too fishy for it to be eaten alone. The Braised cheek was pretty good, except the flavour was too much after half-way through the dish. As for the dessert, it was SUPER RICH. Dark chocolate was very strong, so it was something that I couldn’t finish on my own. The whole thing was just too much.

Atmosphere: 9/10 – the ambiance is very classy, dim, soothing(?). Interior looks very nice.

Reasonably Priced: 7.5/10 – super expensive but it is a high-end restaurant and I am not too sure if the quality of the food is worth the money. Since we did dine-out, it was dine-out portion… The Tuna Tartare was not what I expected and that was my most anticipated dish…  Regardless, if you like classy expensive things, Arc is the place to try out at least once?

Overall, maybe I need to come try this place again and order things off the menu. It is quite pricey though so .. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

yours truly,

tb ❤



Dine Out: Moxies – Surrey

First dine-out of the year! We were lazy, tired, and didn’t want to travel far for this dine-out. We chose Moxies because of their Poke Jar. Everything else on the menu was meh.

“V-STAR” Rating:

Variety: 7/10 – A dine-out menu is already limited because the restaurant has to make some sort of revenue from this set price. However, there was barely anything great on this menu that you would struggle to choose from.

Service: 9/10 – She did what she had to do. Seat. Take order. Refilled my pop without me asking. Took our things away. Etc. No complaints here.

Taste: 6.75/10The appy (Poké Tuna in a Jar & Korean Sauce Cauliflower) was good. The Poké was good. The sauce that came with the dish balanced out the rawness and crispy seaweed looking chips. The Korean Sauce Cauliflower was ok. It was quite spicy and I didn’t like the gooey thing that the cauliflower was drenched in. The jalapeno lime dip was a nice compliment to the spicy cauliflower. The Entrees sucked. The Quinoa was so dry. Don’t like beets. The “mango” part of the Chipotle Mango Chicken was just a smeer on the dish (for aesthetics). The Chicken was quite dry. I only finished 1 piece out of the 2. The salsa/avocado helped keep the chicken moist (only the parts that were touching it though).  The Dessert: White Chocolate Brownie. Usually this dessert is amazing. However, it was quite stale as if they did not heat up the brownie enough or something. It was not pleasant. The whipping cream was disgusting. Not smooth texture at all. Only the ice cream part was delicious… Can’t go wrong with vanilla ice cream…

Atmosphere: n/a – nothing to say. dim. quiet. empty.

Reasonably Priced: 8/10 – only $30 for this dine out. Was it worth the price? Not really.

Would not recommend for next year’s dine out.

yours truly,

tb ❤

Cafe Pacifica – Downtown Vancouver

Went here during Dine Out 2016 in January as one of my birthday dinners. Everything we ordered on the menu wasn’t what was actually expected. Now it’s not necessarily a bad thing…

For example: for the appetizer, I got one of the BBQ duck dishes. My assumption was that it was a solid – what came out was soup with a couple fine pieces of BBQ duck.. I did not mind the taste, but my friend would say otherwise. Then we thought the main dish with short ribs would have bones, but when the dish came out, it was boneless and I am not complaining! It was so tender, so soft, so delicious despite my perception of short ribs!

“V-STAR” Rating:

Variety – N/A: went here during dine-out for the dine-out menu so there wasn’t much to pick from; thus, I cannot actually give an honest rating for variety.

Service – 7/10: Our waitress left us alone for too long, but we think it’s because she thought we wanted to wait for our 3rd party. It got much busier so it took awhile to get the bill. Regardless, she was very friendly.

Taste – 9/10: I personally enjoyed the BBQ Duck Consomme and the Hoisan glazed Short ribs. It was cooked to perfection! My mouth is watering just thinking about it ..

Atmosphere – 9/10: very nice. pleasant view if you’re by the windows. a little quiet if there isn’t a lot of people, but there’s live piano music playing ..

Reasonably Priced? – 7/10: Personally, it’s a little overpriced for the portion you get. Sometimes I feel like the extra cost is the effort of designing the plate and putting that last garnish to complete the picture.

I probably wouldn’t go here again or for the regular menu, but I would recommend coming here at least once (probably during Dine Out)!

Cafe Pacifica
Address: 999 Canada Pl #300, Vancouver, BC V6C 3B5

yours truly,

tb ❤