Green Leaf Cafe – Burnaby

WAHOOOOOOOOOO! A new location closer to home! Finally got to try this hyped up sushi chain.

V-STAR Rating: 

Variety – 9/10 – There’s a lot of variety with some Korean vibes to it. Sushi, Udons, rice, kimbaps etc. check out the pics

Service – 9/10 – They’re super quick and super friendly. Nothing bad to say about them, but nothing that was above and beyond.

Taste – 8.5/10 – The aburi was really tasty. I actually enjoyed these ones. The udons were really tasty and saucy. The only bad thing that we had was the kimbap. It was really disappointing. smh.

Atmosphere – N/A – cute interior, cute dishes..

Reasonably Priced – 7.5/10 – For some things, it was pricier than what you’d get… example: the “gimbap” (which i call Kimbap) was $5. I was expecting some awesome gimbap. However, all that was inside the Bulgogi gimbap was Bulgogi. If you were to buy this at the Korean Kimbap place on North Road or Hannam Mart, there would be radish carrots and other things inside the kimbap!!! D:

Overall, I would come here again if I had to be somewhere else in Burnaby as well.

yours truly,

tb ❤


Tae Yang Gak – Surrey

It happens every single time we watch Wok in Love – we get hungry!!! Frantically looking for a Korean Restaurant that would still be opened, we found Tae Yang Gak.


V-STAR Rating: 

Variety – 8/10 – Rice, Noodles, Chicken!!~ (all Korean style dishes) They actually have black bean noodle here!!!!!!!!! I finally found a place other than Sunny Dragon that has jjajamyun!!~

Service – 9/10 – Server was friendly. Tried to be fast? The food took a little bit long, maybe because they were already starting to do their clean up routine. We were their second last customer – I think…

Taste – 9/10 – Everything was delicious!!! Saucy but not TOO saucy? This is probably the best jjajamyun in Surrey. It is much more flavorful than Sunny Dragon’s…. Highly recommend!!

Atmosphere – n/a 

Reasonably Priced – 8/10 – It wasn’t too expensive. The average Korean cuisine price. You are definitely getting the bang for your buck.

Overall, I would come here again and I would recommend.

yours truly,

tb ❤


Lee Gar Nei – Surrey

We only went here because Big Chicken Town had a 15+ minute wait. So glad we went here though. I finally found a place that had soft tofu soup that wasn’t super spicy for me!

V-STAR Rating:

Variety: 8.5/10 – I would say there are a lot of different things you can get from here. There’s a wide selection here compared to other Korean Restaurants where they are more specific (ie: chicken only, kimbap stuff only etc).

Service: 7/10 – We had to ask twice for water and they don’t really come to check up if you need anything else. I guess that’s just how some Asian restaurants work.

Taste: I thought it was really good. The soup was super good (only because it wasn’t burning off my tongue or I wasn’t drinking a lot of water due to spiciness).

Atmosphere: n/a // Korean.

Reasonably Priced: 8/10 – I would say the dishes at this place are reasonably priced for the portion that you get. I wouldn’t say this place is expensive either.

Overall, I would come here again for my soft tofu soup.

Unit 128, 15280 101 Ave
Surrey, BC, V3R 8X7

yours truly,

tb ❤

Blue Bella (Korean Cuisine Bistro) – Vancouver

To be honest, we only decided to go here because SURA KBBQ was way too packed. Don’t get me wrong though – no regrets coming here!! (not to mention a cute kpop idol looking server).

“V-STAR” Rating:
Variety – 9/10 – There are a lot of different Korean dishes that you can order here. Usually, we are only able to order just chicken dishes if it’s one of those chicken and beer places. However, this place had soups, noodles, bbq, rice dishes and more ON TOP of having those chicken dishes.

Service – 8/10 – They cleared our table/plates as soon as they could. They came quick.

Taste – 8/10 – The soup/stew was good but way too spicy for me even though I asked for little spice.. 😦 Sad life. The fried chicken with the green onions was really good. The sauce that came with that dish was super duper good. I want to know what they use for that. The saucy fried chicken with cheese and rice cakes was meh. I prefer the ones in Surrey.

Atmosphere – n/a

Reasonably Priced – 7/10 – Some things were reasonably priced while others are quite expensive.

Overall, I would come here again ONLY if I am in the area. Otherwise I would not go out of my way to come here (because it’s quite far for me).

Address: 1500 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2C4

yours truly,

tb ❤

Big Chicken Town – Surrey

Yummy yummy in my tummy!! Chicken and Beers! One of the popular joints in Surrey. I usually go to boom beer but decided to try big chicken town again.

“V-STAR” Rating:

Variety: 7/10 – overall, they don’t have much selection; however, for a chicken place, they have a lot of different flavours for the chicken dishes. there are some sides or noodles that you can order and a few rice dishes.

Service: 7/10 – they leave you alone and don’t bother you (which is nice), but when you want water or the bill or something, it takes awhile to get their attention

Taste: 8/10 – at first, i don’t think i liked this place because it was way too spicy for me. however, the green mountain dish was pretty good as long as you don’t eat the jalapenos / seeds from the jalapenos …

Atmosphere: n/a – about 10 tables. small. K-Pop music.

Reasonably Priced: 7/10 – pretty pricey but this is the regular price for almost all Korean chicken places

Of course i would be coming here again and again!!!

yours truly,

tb ❤

Another Oh Hae Young -Another One!

Imagine going to the same high school as someone who has the exact same name as you – First and Last. Imagine if you were the “regular” one and the other one was the “pretty” one… sounds a bit confusing.  Or maybe if the pretty one was out causing trouble, but the others thought you were the one causing trouble – which usually results in some pretty unfair mishaps…

Inline image 1

Top 3 Reasons to Watch “Another Oh Hae Young”

  1. Eric (Moon Jung-Hyuk) is absolutely with the Main Oh Hae Young. He is so pitiful because of the pretty Oh Hae Young. It makes you just want to squish him.
  2. Main Oh Hae Young’s parents are adorable. They care about their daughter so much, but they don’t verbally say it. There are so many hidden actions that demonstrate their love for their daughter.
  3. There are so many plot twists. Eric is able to semi see the future and he tries to prevent some stuff from happening, but it consistently takes place. Every character has a role in the drama. They’re not randomly placed there to fill scenes. Plot twists happen between supporting characters and it’s just so dramatic.

Rating: 8/10

yours truly,

tb ❤

SURA – Richmond

In the heart of Aberdeen Mall, this Korean “Royal Cuisine” Restaurant is located on the lowest floor by H-MART.

V-STAR Rating:

Variety  – 9/10: There is a lot to choose from including set menus! Or you can order separate dishes that you like.. but we were lazy + a coworker recommended that we do the $20 per person lunch special.. So many dishes came out all at once !

Service – 9/10: At first they were slow to seat us. The one who made eye contact with me didn’t really acknowledge us until we stood “in line” longer than necessary so he called one of his colleagues to help us out. (He was taking payment from a customer so I guess he couldn’t help us). On the other hand, service for food/ordering was super fast. All the dishes came out really quick.. Our table went from 0-100 real quick….

Taste – 8.5/10: I liked a lot of dishes, but there were a few traditional Korean side dishes that I didn’t really like or try because I just knew.. (from trying at other places). There’s a hint of spice to 80% of the dishes so if you cannot handle spice AT ALL, I would ask them to decrease the spicy level.

Atmosphere – 8/10: the interior and seating arrangement was really cute. The table was spacious. The staff was really friendly and fast and attentive even if you didn’t mean to call them over…

Reasonably Priced – 8/10: I went during lunch where the “lunch special” was available so to me, the 15$ or 20$ per person deal is definitely worth your money. You get your bang for the buck for sure!!! We even had leftovers and the boyfriend was stuffed… (I actually thought we could finish it because he eats a lot).

I would highly recommend this place during lunch time. I’m not too sure how it is during dinner time… The only thing that kind of sucks is the parking at Aberdeen… 😕

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SURA Korean Cuisine
Address: 1518 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6G 1C3
Phone:(604) 687-7872

yours truly,

tb ❤