Nahm Thai Bistro – Surrey

Been here a couple times already but haven’t really  made a review post for it yet so here it is! The first few times I came here, it wasn’t that great. Decided to come here again with friends and it was better than the first two experiences.

V-STAR Rating: 

Variety – 8/10 – There’s a lot of things you can have – rice, noodles, soup with a variety of “toppings”. There’s also Thai specialty drinks and dessert.

Service – 9/10 – They were quick and food came out fast. Maybe because we were one of the only ones (cause it was still kind of early). It started to pick up half way through our dinner. Regardless, still friendly and quick.

Taste – 8.5/10 – we got the sharing platter (ate it before I got to take a pic), Tom Yum Soup, Pad Thai, and Green Curry w/ Rice.

Atmosphere – n/a  

Reasonably Priced – 7/10 – It wasn’t over the top but Pink Elephant has better deals and combos that you can get. This place didn’t offer deals like that so it was meh.

Overall, this place isn’t my go-to Thai place in Surrey.

yours truly,

tb ❤


Kurumba Restaurant – Port Moody

I was going to get my car fixed at the Open Road Autoshop, so I quickly googled restaurants nearby. We ended up choosing to go here because it was a fusion of different Asian Cuisines.

V-STAR Rating:

Variety – 9/10 – There were a lot of dishes to choose from: Noodles (different flavors and styles), Rice (different flavors and style), Soup based, Bread, and more (can’t remember).

Service – 8.5/10 – There wasn’t much. She was nice? She took our order? And left us alone which is nice? LOL I don’t know what else to say about this.

Taste – 8/10 – The Roti Canai was really good – probably one of the best I’ve had. The “Mee Goreng” dish was good. Not too oily. The other seafood dish was meh. I didn’t like the flavor. It was too strong in seafood. It was slimy texture but also stir-fry noodles? Half wet-half dry – It was confusing. I wouldn’t get that dish again if I were to come back one day.

Atmosphere – n/a

Reasonably Priced – 8/10 – I would say you get A LOT for the price you’re paying for so definitely worth it!

Overall, I would recommend and come back to try different dishes!

Yours truly,

tb ❤

Pink Elephant Thai – Downtown Vancouver

Didn’t know where to eat and just kept walking until I saw this place that I remember I wanted to try out! Super cute interior!

“VSTAR” Rating:

Variety – 8/10: A lot to choose from and they even had a special lunch combo menu that is valid until 3PM. You can have appys, fried rice, pad thai, soups, and many more.

Service – 7.5/10:  There isn’t someone always at the door, so when you are standing at the door counter (where you’re supposed to wait to be seated), you can be seen from where the workers are hanging out at.. so you have to step over the waiting area to be seen. A lot of customers were left waiting longer than usual at the door because the workers did not see they had a customer waiting. They need a door chime or something. The girl forgot to bring my drink and the guy who would bring out the food was super friendly.

Taste – 9/10: The pad thai was super good. I really liked it. The rice dish was very flavorful and the basil/mint leaves balanced out the thai taste. The salad rolls were good, except I’m not a fan of the basil/mint leaves so it was very strong and not pleasant (to me but the boyfriend loved it).

Atmosphere – 9/10: The music was nice. The staff was nice. The interior was so cute and the bar area looked spacious. The only thing was they sat us close to the door (cause the farther you go in, the seats were for bigger groups) and it was cold – brrrrrrrrr.

Reasonably Priced – 8/10: The lunch menu was really cheap, it was only 10$ and you get salad to start and these deep fried gyoza looking things but without fillings.

Overall, I would definitely come here again – perhaps birthday?

yours truly,

tb ❤