Widgeon Falls – Pitt Lake, BC

Wow, I am really slacking the posts for hikes/trails/walks etc. This hike is HIGHLY recommended for the summertime. Super fun but you have to get there early.

Recommend being there at 7:45AM as it opens at 8AM. The line already forms before it “officially” opens. There are limited kayaks, so you have to hurry!! If you have your own then you’re good. The next best time to come is probably late afternoon like 2-3PM when people are heading back from there.

  • Kayak for an hour or less (if you’re synchronized with your squad)
  • Hike for an hour or so
  • Hang out/swim play/lunch etc
  • Hike back for an hour
  • Kayak back for an hour

You’re looking at spending roughly 5 hours there!

Recommendation list:

  • Water Shoes or flip flops for the kayak part
  • Shoes for the hike
  • Snacks/Lunch
  • Bathing Suit
  • Waterproof gadgets for recording awesome footage!

***** 5/5 trail hands down.


Whytecliff Park Trail – West Van

Time: The lookout was 1 minute away from the parking lot. The small trail that had no loop around so you have to back track or walk through the residential areas/roads but you get to pass by the nice scenery/semi private beach..

Difficulty: Not difficult at all. There’s not really a proper trail here. From the parking lot, the best view is at the “lookout” which is just a couple steps away.

Crowded-level: The lookout wasn’t too crowded when we went but the park/beach side was very popular – especially with scuba divers.

Overall, I probably wouldn’t come here for the trail – but for the “beach/park” portion.

yours truly,

tb ❀