Suika – Vancouver

Went to this place for a friend’s birthday. All I knew about this restaurant was that it was a Japanese Restaurant with a lot of tapas – which reminds me of quite a few other restaurants like this.

V-STAR Rating:

Variety – 7/10 – The selection was alright. To me, the cooked vs raw selection was 40/60 respectively. There wasn’t much on the menu that appealed to my eyes and also based on the price and the amount you would get. Meh.

Service – 9/10 – for a large group, their service was really good. They were quick and nice. Super friendly and made a couple jokes about how we already finished the bottle.

Taste – 8/10 – Most of our dishes were really good except for the duck. Was not expecting that at all and I definitely did not like that peanut sauce. Yuck. Everything else tasted fine/normal but they came in small portions.

Atmosphere – 10/10 – the whole customers entering/leaving and the employees would shout something in Japanese. The atmosphere was lively even though I didn’t understand. Their birthday song/singing got me really hyped even though it wasn’t my birthday. You can see their employee/restaurant culture is strong.

Reasonably Priced – 6/10 – For the portion that you get, it is really expensive. I don’t know if there are other costs placed into consideration when pricing these dishes, but wow, it is definitely not the bang for your buck!!

Overall, I would not come here again. I feel like their chain in Toronto is a bit better (Kingyo)


yours truly,

tb ❤


The BBT Shop – Richmond

Always packed. Always bumping. Always hyped up.

“V-STAR” Rating: 

Variety: 8/10 – a lot of different bubble waffles to choose from; different desserts; lots of different bubble tea flavors and styles; lots lots lots!!!!!!!!!!

Service: 7/10 – because it’s always packed, they are always behind on orders etc. Sometimes they pull through and finish completing your food within 10 minutes. Just ordering takes awhile because there’s always a fat line before you can make your order..

Taste: 8/10 – bubble waffle with ice cream, strawberries, whip cream : tasted alright i guess .. watermelon slush was pretty much just the watermelon mushed up w ice / slush. It has gotten better (in taste) since the last time I was here though ..

Atmosphere: 7/10 – good music, always bumping, always crowded – which isn’t necessarily a good thing..

Reasonably priced: 7/10 – overly priced for basic stuff. You’re pretty much just paying for the aesthetics of the bubble waffles or drink…..

I wouldn’t go out of my way to go here again because it’s always so darn packed…

The Bubble Tea Shop 
Address: 4651 No 3 Rd #105, Richmond, BC V6X 2C4
yours truly,
tb ❤